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All About Ballroom Dancing

May 22, 2020

Julia Gorchakova

Todd Combs & Taras Denysenko

episode 004

  • 12 Times United States Rhythm Champions
  • 3 Times World Professional Mambo Champion
  • Creator of the Fitness Exercise Program called Core Rhythms
  • Owner of Artistry In Motion - DanceSport Clothing


Ballroom Dance Questions:

  • What dance do you think challenges most students (as a whole or fem/male/cpl) and Pro competitors?
  • What dance do you think has evolved the most since you’ve been dancing?
  • What can any student do right now to improve their dancing?  (Develop stronger foot/ankle usage, general balance, stronger core, or specific muscle group awareness...are some examples)


Artistry In Motion Questions:

  • How did you get started?
  • Who needs “Dance Cloths”? (Everyone...every sport has their own “gear”)
  • What should Men get, & when?
  • What Should Women have, & when?
  • What or who is your biggest design influence?


Core Rhythm Questions:

  • How did Core Rhythms come about? 


Listener Questions:


  • Trishia Weger:  What kind of diet do you have?  Are you really strict about it?  How do you stay in shape?
  • You once shared with Tricia   ie Todd.  How you first started making your beautiful competition dance costumes with your mom, and that in the early years you had to make the flashy embellishments from raw materials.  Can you tell us more about that, and how that differs today?
  • She and her mom used to hammer out homemade sequins from small discs in Her home country in the early days.  I was fascinated by that.  I am sure there is much more to the story!
  • How does a short dancer adjust dance style to get favorable attention from judges?



  • What is something you think students 1) Overthink, and 2) under-prepare for in getting ready for comps, or even while at comps
  • Is there any “OMG, not again” errors that you see people make? Dancing and Costume

Beatriz Holan: 

  • I  have one struggle (out of 150) I  learn the school figures, I can follow with a partner but later, when I have to do it on my own, my brain goes blank!   I  don't remember much  of the names.  I feel like I've wasted a lesson and you know that is a limited supply

Miscellaneous Questions:

  • So tell us about your dogs
  • Any crazy four wheeling stories
  • Share with the listeners the time you and Bob went running with your friends dog (they had to carry the dog back) 
  • If you were judging a couple dancing a side x side competition...AND that couple was Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova.  Who would you mark 1st?