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All About Ballroom Dancing

Jun 17, 2020

“Are YOU Holding Yourself Back?”

Todd Combs & Taras Denysenko

episode 006


What does holding back mean to you?

  • Are you your own worst enemy?
  • Are you engaging in all-or-nothing thinking?
  • Are you afraid of failure?  Sometimes failure means different things: Rejection - disapproval - The Unknown
  • Don’t like getting out of your comfort zone.  Be brave & get out of your comfort zone.  Outside your comfort zone will quickly become inside your comfort zone = more confidence - (Use growing muscles analogy)

New Dancers: 

  • Looking Stupid
  • Not being talented enough, coordinated enough,
  • The perfectionist - Self Criticism - You excel in your profession and other hobbies that starting something new like dancing will make you see all the flaws 
  • No Partner
  • Distance from Studio - (more of an excuse)

Intermediate Dancers: 

  • Wanting to learn too fast is actually holding yourself back:  Talk about people wanting to go up the levels too quickly
  • Wanting to learn too slow...over analyzing every step.  Paralysis Thru Analysis  

Advanced Dancers: 

  • Afraid to go all out, pull the trigger and go for it. When you over train and are afraid of making a mistake. 
  • Want to perfect things before the next routine or event - 
  • You expect perfection from yourself - 


  • “I don’t believe in holding know, life isn’t a dress rehearsal!” - Kate Winslet 
  • “Courage comes by being brave; fear comes by holding back” - Publious Syrus

What areas are you holding back?  Now that you realize where you are holding yourself  back what are the next steps you plan on taking?

Please write in and let us know.  It helps other dancers to know the struggles others go through because sometimes they think “It’s just my problem”...not realizing thousands of people have had the same issue.

We look forward to our next episode of AABD.  

And until then...we’ll see YOU on the dance floor