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All About Ballroom Dancing

May 27, 2020

Bob Powers

Standardizing Professional American Rhythm

Todd Combs & Taras Denysenko

episode 005



  • What exactly is this project you are doing?  Is it like a “rule book”, or a guideline manual?  Please let us know what it is.


Bob Powers:  The group is called Rhythm Champions and our mission is to promote American Style Rhythm dancing worldwide.  The American Smooth has had great success lately and we have discovered that the reason the Rhythm has lagged behind is the fact that there’s a belief that there are too many differences in the techniques.  So one of the goals of the group is to come to a consensus on each dance.   We are in the process of developing a technique book, not a syllabus but strictly body, hip, leg and foot action description.  So if you can imagine 15 former US Champions coming together to agree on a specific technique and how it should be expressed verbally. 



  • Who is involved?  Is there a person or persons in charge of organizing this?  What are different persons' roles?

Bob Powers:  Every US Champion since the inception of the Pro Rhythm division.   I can list them if you want.

1984             Charles & Jean Penatello 

1985-1987    Joe Lozano & Jan Mattingly 

1988-1992    Forrest Vance & Susie Thompson

1991-2003    Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova

2004             Tony Dovolani & Inna Ivanenko

2005-2006    Tony Dovolani & Elena Grinenko

2007-2010    Jose DeCamps & Joanna Zacharewicz

2011-2013    Decho Kraev & Bree Watson

2014-2015    Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Liana Churilova

2016-2018    Nazar Norov & Irina Kudryashova

2019             Andre Paramonov & Natalie Paramonov 


  • What is your role?

Bob Powers: We are all equally involved and contribute to the technique as well as promotion and online classes to promote it. 


  1. How did this come about?

Bob Powers:  During the Coronavirus stay at home order one of the guys came up with the idea and asked who would be interested.  We all responded. 


  1. What stage is this currently in?

Bob Powers:  Definitely developmental.  It's taken us 9 weeks to do the Rumba Box.  But the great thing is it just keeps getting better.  We have such an amazing group of great dancers, teachers and musically gifted individuals that it can’t help but be a success.